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Hi guys,

I’m very excited to start this again *dances in imaginary confetti* hopefully by the Grace of God this is going to be bomb. Some of you already know me but I’m still going to introduce myself.

My name is Sophia . I’m 17 . A student and a blogger. A Christian. My favorite color is black. A foodie. Welcome to my blog, where you’ll be spending time with a unicorn which happens to be me



My Weight Journey.

Growing up, I was a chubby baby, people called it fat but I choose to call it chubby ;). Wherever I went people would say “she’s so cute” and I felt good < even called it baby fat>till I got to high school and people started calling me fat ;*(. I really couldn’t take it anymore and I wanted to lose weight as quickly as possible. I changed schools and I reduced the way I ate, took long walks and i lost a lot of weight. I went back to my former school and people who called me fat started asking for tips to lose weight. To be honest I felt like Rihanna at that time.

Fast forward to 2016 , I suffered from anorexia. I couldn’t eat < I could go 4 days without eating and be fine>, I was drastically losing weight, and I was very pale. People started giving me these pitiful ” oh she’s really sick”, “she’s going through it” looks. My mum practically dragged me to the hospital because I wouldn’t go willingly ; to me “I was fine”. It was when I got to the hospital I learned anorexia and depression can in fact co-exist .

I was on medications that would induce my appetite and I started eating well , sleeping well and gaining weight. I stopped using my medications when I saw I was getting better, I was still eating but not as much as I was when I was on medications. I lost weight but I enjoyed the fact that I didn’t need medications to eat anymore. I resumed school and I was one of the smallest freshmen. I got a lot of remarks on how I was too small to be in college because apparently I looked like a “high school student”. I thought they were being extra till I was almost blown away by the wind on my way to school. I decided it was time to add weight.

At the beginning of this year I decided my motto was going to be “gain weight 2018”, I was tired of people calling me “tiny”,”small”,”skinny”. I was seventeen but I looked like I was twelve ;(. I started eating more, sometimes in little portions but I made sure I ate more than three times a day. I have seen an improvement but I still plan on gaining more. I do not take junks because I realised that they do more harm than good. I eat healthier now and surprisingly I take a lot of water. I will continue like this till I feel like I have added enough weight.

Thanks for reading.

Places I would love to visit.

If there’s one thing I like doing , it’s traveling and visiting new places and trying out new things. I have a list of places I’d love to visit with either my boo, my friends, or my family.

I got attracted to these places either because of their food or scenery, or both 😉

Bora Bora – French Polynesia

who wouldn’t want to visit this place :*(

Eiffel tower, Paris

Venice Italy


I really want to go to Israel to visit the buildings of the bible days.


you can walk from island to island 🙂

Igazu Falls – Argentina

Bali – Indonesia

Iya Valley – Japan


Hey, welcome to another blog post. This time I featured a friend of mine to add spice to the topic. I’ve always wanted to share my two cents on how i view social media but i thought to myself “why not ask someone else to share what they feel?” and so i reached out to Razaq and luckily for me, he agreed to share. Enjoy.


Social media was created so people can share fun moments and capture memories , however, social media has sadly turned to a place of internet trolls, cyber bullies and a lot of negative people and vibes. Am i saying everything about social media is negative? No, there are definitely people who use social media as a tool of positivity.Some people have built a name for themselves using social media, so many have business outlets on social media and some just post pictures of them having fun. While the positive exists, the percentage of the negative to positive is 90:10.

We live in an age where people battle with depression and little self-esteem. Yet, instead of having more pages that encourage people, we have more shade pages with a lot of followers and interactions. You would be surprised to see how quick people are to tear each other down in comment sections, saying a lot of mean things to each other. Some go as far as using physical flaws against others.It’s bad enough that we have people who are intimidated by a lot of “public figures” on social media, creating these pages only makes matters worse. I’ve seen a lot of pages that promote cyber bullying, and while it is “fun” to the owner of the [page and the people in the comment section we forget that these people humiliated are humans and have feelings as well. Nobody after being humiliated would pop bottles and celebrate. Some go off social media because of the humiliation. What is actually the gain? The thousand comments? The traffic that comes to your page ? The likes? Is it worth making someone feel like committing suicide? If someone hurts you instead of taking the issue to these pages have you tried trashing this issue personally? have you reached out to the person ?

This is a generation that comes together to bully people yet we can’t maintain this energy when it’s time to promote our friend’s business or uplift another person. Do y’all know that the same time and energy used in trolling someone is the same as when you leave a nice comment and support people?


Social media, we all have our perception of it, everybody with different views on it. But I believe that it’s not as negative as we all portray it as, don’t get me wrong, it’s as adverse and harmful as anything else on the planet cos of its toxicity but I believe we all dwell on the negatives a bit too much.
The thing is, personally I think that social media as a construct is somewhat of a mirror on like society and people and shows like things we really feel and are but are uncomfortable displaying in person to the public.
There’s this sense of comfort or security that people feel when it’s them behind the screen.
The thing is, as much as we all want to form hard guys or try to deny it, social media is a major part of who we are and it’ll continue to be.
It’s made the world truly a global village.
As much as I’ll like to be the optimist and positive thinker, we can’t omit or block out the negativity of it all.
The fact that it’s so far-reaching is the biggest challenge of all because it literally has no boundaries and anything you put up on the internet, even if it’s just once, can’t ever leave.
We tend to say and comment on things we see and never place much thoughts on the effects that they might have on people. Sometimes we’d hide behind “it’s my opinion” and that’s the worst of the lot, the people who believe that their opinions are facts. Same as the people who feel that saying how they “feel” is the right way to go without ever thinking of what happens next or how it impacts other people.
The environment of social media is actually a pretty scary place, where people don’t care about hiding their racist, homophobic and gender discriminative thoughts. Sometimes I wonder how people think or live with themselves.
On an ending note, I believe we should all try as much and hard as possible to always put out positive vibe and positivity no matter how little it is, show off your self as long as it’s not pretentious, support your friends in all their endeavors that need to be put out there for the masses and generally just be good human beings.

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You can reach razaq on his Instagram @razaqisaaa



So the met gala was a few nights ago and the theme was “Heavenly bodies”. Different celebrities came in their respective outfits but only a few followed the theme. I would be sharing some of the looks of celebrities who actually followed the theme and slayeddddd.

  • Rihanna

It’s not news that wherever rih goes she makes her presence known. She’s known as a risk taker in the fashion industry and has won “best dressed” at the met gala for 6 years straight.

She left us in awe when she arrived dressed as the pope looking heavenly.

  • Zendaya

She arrived at the gala late but it was worth the wait. She was dressed as Joan of arc and she BODIED IT. She was my best dressed.

  • Nicki Minaj

Dressed as the bad guy like she said on her new single “Chun-li”. The rapper arrived in a custom Oscar de la Renta liquid dègradè red sequin gown representing the ” sinful devil ” while giving us some bloody vibes .

  • Chadwick Boseman.

Unlike most men, Chadwick took a risk and conquered reminding us of why he’s the black panther. Our pope from wakanda didn’t come to play

  • Ariana Grande.

Our sweetheart showed up to her first ever met gala wearing the Sistine chapel. She looked really simple but very gorgeous .

  • Lana del Rey

Dressed in Gucci, she represented Mother Mary and the seven sorrows

  • Lilly Collins

The starlet was seen channelling a gothic nun.

  • Jared Leto

He came through serving modern Jesus looks.

  • Blake Lively

She might have arrived late, but she definitely made a scene with her appearance. She arrived in a crimson dress, embroidered bodice, bejeweled straps, and a train so long it needed a party bus transportation.


Hey guys, I’ll be doing a lot of interviews of different people thriving in their respective work area.

I had a little chat with @nomanlikepapi and he had things to share with his fans and people who are new to his music.

Kindly introduce yourself.

My names are Wisdom Emmanuel Sunday. I’m a dancehall & Afro fusion Artiste, in fact I’m VERSATILE to be precise. I hail from kogi state and I’m 20 years old.

What drove your passion for music?

Well so many things. While I was in high school back then, I found out that I could write & compose a couple of few songs. Then I discovered what God had given to me as a talent and I decided to make use of it. Aside from that I had always seen myself as a superstar being heard by a large number of people.

Who did you grow up listening to and how did they influence you?

Lovely, i grew up listening to people like Bob Marley, Bobby brown, 2pac shakur, Madonna, lucky dube and a few to mention.I loved their sounds. It was so unique for my liking, it was lyrically on point and learnt a lot of reality from their music alone.

Have you ever thought of stopping music?

To be honest, when my ex left two years ago. It was starting to look like everything was falling apart even my fans noticed because I went mute for about a year and some months, No music from me. I was being depressed in different forms but at some point I said to myself ” what’s the point of living if I can’t do what I do best” this is what gives me joy no matter the mood. But I’m glad I’m back on track!

Did you have parental support?As African parents don’treally support music.

Yeah! My mum always got my back from day one. She even believes in me like I’m God.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years from now?

I see myself going places knowing new faces on tour. Smiling and thanking the lord for things being achieved by his grace and I believe before I’m 25 I should have a massive record deal.

Do you have any person of romantic interest?

None for now. Till the right time

What do you have to say to the people that have been supporting you?

I really wanna thank y’all who have been showing me love and support since 2014 down till this point. I promise not to disappoint, Just keep on believing in me because we getting thee soon!!! Gracias once more 💞

What do you have to say to people who have given up because of lack of support ?

I feel giving up is not a healthy decision to make. Instead just stay strong and keep on believing that a day is coming when you’ll be recognized by so many especially when you know what you’re doing even though you ain’t getting that support and love from people you expect. You should know that favors come from strangers than the ones closer to you. Once more stay strong and motivated!

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Essentials that should be in your purse.

Hi y’all, welcome to another blog post. Whenever you are about to leave the house it is important to make sure your purse contains all the things you might need while you’re out. You never know when an emergency pops up, so you have to make sure you have something to use when you’re in that situation.

  • Lip gloss.

I take this out with me so I look presentable always and so my lips can always stay popping and glossy.

  • Menstrual pad.

I personally take this everywhere because I don’t know how to calculate when my period is going to come visiting and I don’t want to be a walking blood bank so I take it everywhere just in case little miss red decides to say hello.

  • Mints & Gums

You don’t want to open your mouth and be responsible for someone passing out ,so you might consider taking these out so you can have a fresh breath throughout the day.

  • Wipes/ Tissues.

During the day , your face can get a bit greasy due to different activities. use these to freshen up.

  • Headphones.

I never forget to take these out for the times when you don’t want to speak to anyone on the bus or anywhere.

  • Hair ties & Bobby pins

It might not seem necessary but you never know when you’ll need one. Keep a few extra in your purse always, you’ll be glad you did.

  • Hair brush

It gets windy and your hair is flying about , looking a mess. Be sure to have a mini brush so you can put it all in place.

  • Bandages.

In case you have a cut and you want to clean up the cut to prevent it from contamination.

  • Pain reliever

Might not be used all the time, but it’s better to have it just in case the need comes up.

  • Portable charger ( power banks)

They are one of the biggest essentials. keep them fully charged.

  • Small mirror

Will be very useful when you want to reapply you gloss or check if a piece of food is not stuck between your teeth.

  • Hand sanitizer.

You will definitely come in contact with people and different things < car doors, cash, e.t.c..> lets not forget there are germs everywhere. To avoid touching your face with a hand full of germs , you can quickly take out your sanitizer and use it.

  • Wallet.

The most important obviously. contains cash <so you don’t get cash-stranded>, your id and other things that you might want to put in.

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JEANS: How to switch up your style and places you can wear them to.

When it comes to clothes, I think jeans are the best and deserve all the love and affection we can ever give them because they’re very versatile and they can be styled in different ways that give you different vibes for different occasions. You can wear jeans to a date and look cute, you can wear them to school, to work , to a concert, they are just lifesavers and a blessing to a girl’s wardrobe.

With the right sass and girl sauce ,you can turn the most basic pair of jeans into a fashion statement.

You can wear them to a date.

If you’re going on a date that’s not too formal and you don’t want to wear a dress , a jeans would be your best bet because you get to style it with that top you like or that jacket and still look super cute for your date.

When you’re going to school.

I really don’t think any college student can escape this category because basically that’s the ultimate lifesaver. You get to wear any color , style < ripped, boyfriend , high waisted>.

On a day when you’re not really feeling it , you can just throw over a hoodie and wear your sneakers and you’re set to go.

You can switch it up for a more “baby girl” look with jean skirts

These are my fave because it gives this trendy girly vibe that’s just too cool. You can wear it with sandals , heels , sneakers, boots, basically anything depending on your choice or mood.

You can wear jeans < either pants or skirt > to a concert since you’d want something trendy but very comfortable so you’d be able to dance and have fun without feeling restricted.

When you’re going to work you can pop a blazer on your jeans and look chic. You can also wear this to a date that’s not formal.

On a “not so cold but cold enough to stay covered” day you can pair your jeans with oversized sweaters

During winter you can wear long coats with your jeans

If you’re going for an all denim look then you can pair your denim with denim

The “oversized tee” is a trend that’s pretty cool to me < I rarely like the “fashion” that trends nowadays >

My go to style when I want to feel a little bit girly is the crop top and jeans

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My skin care routine.

A lot of people have requested a skincare routine post , so here it is y’all.

I feel so hyped sharing this because back then I used to have a lot of skin issues, reactions and all but look at God, your girl’s skin is popping.

Before I go on , you should know that we all have different kinds of skin so what works for my skin might not necessarily work for your skin.Therefore,before you begin using any product, you must understand your skin and know if any of the constituents of the product can harm your skin

  • Have a regular wash routine. Wash your face twice a day and during the day ,try to reduce contact with your face. Don’t use harsh soap on your skin because it can strip your skin off it’s essential oils.
  • Exfoliate. You shouldn’t exfoliate everyday, therefore, exfoliating twice a week is fine. You can get exfoliating scrubs from stores, but if you want the pictures of the scrubs I use then you’ll see them below .

  • Having a separate towel for your face is advisable. I don’t do this but whenever I wash my face I let it dry itself , not completely though. While my face is still damp, I apply my body cream or moisturiser.
  • Do workouts and drink water. Honestly, I know the drinking water part sounds cliche but it works. I never used to drink a lot of water, but since I started drinking water I hardly worry about breakouts because your girl’s skin has been popping.
  • Moisturise regularly. You can use whatever moisturiser or body cream you have. You might decide to use shea butter or natural oils < coconut oil and the likes>.
  • If you’re a make-up person you might want to take a break just to allow your face breathe.
  • Wash your face thoroughly when you use make-up. You can get make-up removal wipes to help remove part of the make-up before washing.
  • Treat yourself to facials at least once a month.
  • Avoid the use of soap on face
  • Take warm <not hot> showers
  • Stay away from toxic people and environments.
  • Eat your fruits.
  • Sleep at least 6-7 hours

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Night out / Review of Nando’s / Black Panther

Sorry this post is coming late , was supposed to post it a long time ago but I was out and busy so I wasn’t able to post.

It was a friend’s birthday and it happened to be on a Monday, we wanted to celebrate but we also didn’t want something too exhausting because obviously there was school the next day < even though we ended up not going >. We decided to go to Nando’s and you know just chill and all. We had a reservation for 8:30, but you know as girls we were a bit late because we were contemplating on what and what not to wear.

I was going to wear a shirt and jeans but they wouldn’t have it so they made me change into a dress. Eventually , after spending almost an entire year getting ready ,we got to the restaurant a little and we were immediately directed to our table. The waiters were nice and professional. I wonder why they let us in at that time knowing they were closing by 10. We placed our orders and I had Portuguese rice and 1/4 peri peri chicken breast / wing.

Oh Lord, the food was so nice, lawdy lawd. We had the yoghurt and that was when my weird side came alive.

I started experimenting different things with the food. I had fries dipped in yoghurt, chicken and yoghurt, weird but bomb because the rest too had theirs that way < i think Nando’s should contact me for more information >. It was a wonderful time there, nice reception and all that good stuff so it’s a thumbs up from me. Exactly beside the restaurant , there was a cinema < you already know it’s movie time>.

We decided to watch black panther because everyone seemed to be chanting wakanda and i also wanted to have heart eyes while watching my boo Michael b Jordan ;plus someone offered to pay for my movie ticket so why on earth would I pass the offer? We got black panther in 3d tickets and went in to watch the movie. It was beautiful but Michael b jordan was more beautiful *cries in awesomeness*. On a more serious note, I’m not a fan of these superhero movies ,however, I didn’t sleep while watching black panther . I loved their accent and wakanda was very beautiful, all in all it was a nice movie just a bit overhyped to me.We got an uber, went home and knocked out. We didn’t go to school the next day because we woke up around 1 o’clock.

Kindly share this with your friends, if you don’t, ze power of de friendship will be stripped away.

Have a great day y’all






Hey y’all, how you doing? I trust y’all are popping. I’m good by the way , just on my bed wondering if school is actually necessary.

Apparently, there’s been a change in the way people see things now and that’s why I’m going to be sharing things that boys do <that they think is cute > that are irritating.

I have a male friend that complains to me everyday about how he likes a girl but she isn’t showing interest. A little bit further into the conversation, it was discovered that the way he approached her was totally off.

The way you approach a girl matters a lot and determines how far and how good your relationship with her will be. Not to blow my trumpet but there are a lot of guys that have approached me and their manner of approach totally blew me off. Maybe they didn’t mean for it to be utterly rude and thought I would find it cute and probably reply with “aww” or something like that but to be honest, I felt very insulted.

You’re sliding into a girl’s dm with the motive of being her friend or probably more. You want to show her that you find her attractive and so you tell her she’s beautiful. She says thanks but she’s expecting more. Now, while she appreciates the fact that you think she’s attractive, she also wants to know if you see more than just physical appearance in her . She wants to know if you can see beneath her pretty face or banging body and discover who she really is < not to sound cheesy>. This is where you lots fail because you’re stuck with the mentality that once you tell a girl she’s attractive then she’s going to lose it all and fall at your feet.

Guys, it’s 2018! wake up! girls are more enlightened, they know their worth and they won’t settle for less. Telling a girl she’s beautiful isn’t wrong ,however, expecting her to fall for you just because of that statement is unrealistic. I can’t speak for all girl’s but I know there are a lot of girls out there that want guys that can see beyond physical features. While this is a bit annoying, approaching a girl sexually is one big bad step that a lot of boys take.

Approaching a girl sexually can be a very bad move because it can give her a bad impression about you and can also ruin a relationship < friendship too> that never started.

Girls like guys they can have intellectual conversations with, guys they can feel comfortable sharing their problems with not guys that are only interested in thirst traps and nudes. Some guys even go as far as trying to force their sexuality on you; in the sense that, they try to make you relate to them on the same sexual level even when you’re not ready.

Girls don’t like guys that try to impose their rules on them. Build boundaries and respect them, if she says “NO” then respect her decision,don’t try to change. her mind. She should be able to decide what she wants to do without the fear of getting you pissed or something.

If y’all are in a relationship then you should be able to help her on her sad days. She might not say anything when you don’t help her or show interest but deep down she’s hurting and one day or the other she’s going to spill it all out.

Add value to your queen , don’t just take from her.

I’ll be posting blog updates every Friday.

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